ALEXANDRE Creative's artistic vision

In this father-and-son art workshop, creativity is at the heart of every creation. Together, they design one-of-a-kind artistic pieces, combining a passion for motorcycles with artistic talent. Their specialty: artistic motorcycles, hot rods and other customized vehicles. Each creation is a genuine work of art, combining original design, recycled materials and meticulous detail. Their know-how and boundless imagination enable them to push back the limits of art and mechanics, giving life to masterpieces that leave no one indifferent. In their workshop, inspiration is endless and the possibilities limitless.

Raw materials

ALEXANDRE Creative is not only a source of inspiration for art lovers, but also an example of ecological responsibility. By repurposing recycled materials such as metal, they transform ordinary objects into magnificent works of art. It shows that it’s possible to create beauty while respecting the environment. Each piece is unique, bearing the story of the recycled material it is made from. A creative and committed approach that deserves to be applauded and encouraged.