How are the artworks authenticated?

To ensure the preservation of your investment in an ALEXANDRE Creative signed artwork, all pieces will be stamped with the ALEXANDRE Creative workshop symbol and the artwork’s identification number.

These will be accompanied by a digital certificate of authenticity in the form of a NFT, made possible through the use of blockchain technology, as well as a physical alter ego in the form of a card.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

The certificate of authenticity is an essential document throughout the life of artwork. Written in a unique copy, this passport transcribes all the information allowing to guarantee the traceability of the work and thus to protect your investment in time (purchase/sale).

Information such as the name of the workshop, the title, the date of creation and the characteristics of the work are indicated.

The certificate of authenticity of artwork is governed by the decree n° 81-255 of March 3, 1981 on the repression of frauds in the field of transactions of artworks and objects of collection.

What does the ALEXANDRE Creative's certificate look like?

When you purchase your ALEXANDRE Creative artwork, it will be accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

You will have at your disposal a NFT and a card containing the following information (visual front/back available below):

  • certificate identification number ;
  • name of the artwork shop ;
  • title, identification number and photo of the artwork ;
  • characteristics of the artwork (date of creation, techniques of realization, substrates and materials used, dimensions, weight and number of copies).

The card features a QR code on the back that links to the digital version (NFT) of the certificate of authenticity.

Your certificate on the blockchain

Traceability and authenticity are prerequisites for the protection and valuation of artwork.
The blockchain technology revolutionizes our approach to the digital world and introduces the notions of rarity and digital ownership.
The development of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) allows the possession of a unique digital object that cannot be falsified, such as a certificate of authenticity.


The blockchain is a decentralized and incensurable data archiving system. The system consists in packaging a number of exchanges defined between two users which is called: transaction.

Each transaction is carried out in a decentralized way (i.e. each person if it wishes it can have the order book of the transactions) and incensurable without third of confidence by the network.

The network itself uses miners or stakers to secure it.

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) are distinctive digital tokens that replicate an underlying asset that is either physical (real) or virtual on the blockchain.

This method allows the encapsulation of digital data on the blockchain in order to take advantage of the transparency and security that this technology offers.

Owning an NFT is like owning the physical object it replicates in digital space.

We chose the MultiversX blockchain (formerly Elrond) to issue our NFTs because it respects our environmental values in operation with a neutral carbon balance.

The name of the NFT platform on the MultiversX blockchain chosen is xSpotlight.

Here is the link to the ALEXANDRE Creative profile.

The QR-code present on the physical version of the certificate of authenticity only allows you to consult the digital version present on the blockchain. However, this action does not allow you to own the NFT (digital version of the certificate).

For that you must have a digital wallet on the blockchain where the NFT is issued and have the ownership of it.

In order to view and manage your certificate, you will need an interface. For this purpose, the MultiversX blockchain provides the xPortal digital wallet. After following the instructions to create your digital wallet, you will be able to receive your certificate (NFT).

You can support the ALEXANDRE Creative adventure by entering our affiliation code: corpuk60pl (this action is free) during your installation.

The purchase of your ALEXANDRE Creative artwork comes with a unique physical and digital certificate of authenticity (NFT).

There are three options for receiving your NFT of authenticity.

Option 1

During your checkout process, you entered the public address of the MultiversX portfolio you have chosen to receive your NFT. The NFT will be sent to you without any action on your part.

Option 2

During your checkout process, you did not enter the public address of the MultiversX portfolio you selected to receive the NFT. 

Contact us by email at and fill in :

  • Your first and last name.

  • Your invoice and order number.

  • Your public address of the MultiversX portfolio you have chosen to receive.

Option 3

If you do not have a MultiversX digital wallet, you will have to create one.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the xPortal application, the native digital wallet of the MultiversX blockchain. You are free to use other types of digital wallets that support the MultiversX blockchain.

  • When installing the application, you have the possibility to support the workshop by entering the affiliation code: corpuk60pl (this action is free)

  • Fill in your information.

  • Create your seed (a string of 24 words). Keep this sequence of 24 words in a safe place and do not share it with anyone. This is your only way to get your digital wallet back if you misplace or break your phone. If the application prompts you to create your @herotag, it is not necessary.

  • From the dashboard of the application, click on the “Receive” button and retrieve the phrase that starts with “erd…….” which is your public address.

  • Send us the information as indicated in option 2.

The sending of your NFT authenticity is an operation that is done manually by us.

There are many platforms for buying/selling NFTs. These NFTs are digital artworks and are traded as such.

In the case of NFTs that accompany ALEXANDRE Creative artwork at the time of purchase, these have the underlying value of being certificates of authenticity. This implies that these NFTs cannot be sold, as they have no market value.

The function of these NFTs is to prove the authenticity of our artwork in order to protect your investment. This NFT is the digital alter ego of the physical version of the certificate also provided at the time of your purchase.

In case of resale of an ALEXANDRE Creative work you are required to provide the necessary documents for authentication according to the French law: decree n° 81-255 of March 3, 1981 on the repression of frauds in the field of transactions of artworks and collection objects.

The NFT transmitted at the time of your purchase is the digital ater ego of your physical certificate of authenticity. Both must be transferred when reselling your work.

Both versions constitute the certificate of authenticity of your work. However, the digital version (NFT) is the main copy, the one you must hold.

In order for the possession of your work to be recognized by the ALEXANDRE Creative workshop, you must imperatively hold the NFT digital certificate of authenticity of your work.

If the QR-code on the certificate of authenticity of your work is no longer functional, simply contact us by email and send us the defective card, so that we can renew the certificate at no extra cost.

If you wish to exchange your certificate because it is damaged (with a functional or non-functional QR-code) or create a new card (work acquired in the secondary market), you will be charged 150 euros (€) for the reissue and shipping.

Nevertheless, if you are not in possession of your NFT of authenticity no replacement will be carried out.

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