How do I use the kit?

For journalistic use, ALEXANDRE Creative workshop provides you a press kit which will explain our brand: contact, summary, Brand Book, colors and visuals.

You want to know more about the ALEXANDRE Creative


ALEXANDRE Creative is a family workshop of artwork made from recycled and natural materials. The workshop is specialized in creating artistic sculpture that represents motorized machines (motorcycle, car, boat, etc.) with an average size of 50 cm.

Our adventure began in December 2016 behind the scenes. In our early days, my father and I had simply found a common passion.

Later, this passion ❤️‍🔥 turned into a real driving power!

That’s when we decided to launch ALEXANDRE Creative in September 2022!

Our goal is to propose our ecological and sustainable solution by revalorizing waste into artwork thanks to our artisanal and creative work.
Each creation process of one of our artwork respects these three precepts:

  • To preserve (to revalue all types of materials that are considered waste),
  • To create (to give new life to recycled materials by transforming them into meaningful artwork),
  • To inherit (to transmit an artwork is to transmit a message to the following generations).

Isidore & Mike ALEXANDRE | Co-Founders of ALEXANDRE Creative

Brand Book

Our Brand Book lists all the elements related to the identity of the ALEXANDRE Creative brand.


Here are the HEX color codes that are used in our graphic chart.





Logos and Visuals